fit-pc3 vs. fit-pc2i

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fit-pc3 vs. fit-pc2i

Post by Charliebishop »

Hello there.

I have been running a fit-pc2i (1ghz, 1gig ram) for about 2 years now, 24/7 .. its an impressive little machine.

However, I'm starting to require a little more power (multi-tasking in particular). I also have a LOT of USB devices which the fit-pc2i cannot handle.

I know the fit-pc3 has more dedicated USB host controllers, which is great.. but how about its cpu power? will I notice much of a difference if I upgrade? I'm looking at the LP version (as I run off solar power).. so I see its also a 1ghz machine.. is there any difference between it and the 1ghz in the fit-pc2i ?


Re: fit-pc3 vs. fit-pc2i

Post by mbirger »

Please refer to benchmark analysis on the wiki: ... is-GB2.pdf

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