in Win8 , what win7 drivers would i still use?

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in Win8 , what win7 drivers would i still use?

Post by loren »

in Win7 , i installed drivers from

now , i changed my system to Win8, i wonder what WIN7 drivers above i can still use,thanks!!

if the old Win7 drivers ,where can i find replacement?

thanks :mrgreen:

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Re: in Win8 , what win7 drivers would i still use?

Post by gabrielh »

You can try the Windows 7 drivers, but we don't support Windows 8 on FitPC2. Please do it on your own risk.
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Re: in Win8 , what win7 drivers would i still use?

Post by vtailor »

Definitely install the chipset driver before you do anything else. Without the Intel chipset driver, there are problems recognizing and reading usb flash devices, because the Windows 8 built-in chipset driver finds a device that is not there. You will also need the sound driver from Compulab to get analog but not spdif output. The built-in video driver gives first-rate rendition, but only at 1024x768. At this point in your installation, and with automatic updates turned off, you will have around 500 mb of ram available on a 1 gb system.

The trick to keeping as much ram available as possible is to install the gma500 driver using automatic compatibility settings which turn it into a Windows XPSP3 graphics driver. If you try to install it as a Windows 7 driver by playing with compatibility, you lose all but 100-200 mb of ram. And, you need to re-install in order to go back to the XPSP3 ram availability. At the moment, I prefer 1440x900 as the Windows 8 resolution. You have to keep updates on hold until you complete your installation cycle, and you have to run Windows Defender (and update it) to get the system to settle down on a low value of cpu utilization. In both 1 and 2 gb ram mode, there are sound synchronization problems using the gma500 driver.

The interesting thing is that slackware-current with the brand-new version of the fbdev driver works better in in one gb ram mode than Windows 8 does.

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