Fit-PC3 power use in sleep mode

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Fit-PC3 power use in sleep mode

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I have a fit-PC3 Pro with a SSD and Win7 running as a carPC. The computer is put into sleep mode or resumes from sleep on with the accessories signal from the ignition.

What I would like to know is what sort of power this fit-PC3 uses when in sleep mode as I got up this morning and my battery was at 6.5V!! :( So trying to isolate what may have been causing the drain.

I have the following connected:

The fit-PC3. Goes into sleep mode with the ignition OFF.

DCDC-USB intelligent power supply. Uses less than 1mA in standby apparantly. ... de=PWR-034

ARC Audio Amplifier - this is tuned on/off with the ignition as well so shouldn't be drawing any current.

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Re: Fit-PC3 power use in sleep mode

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The power consumptions of the FitPC3 pro in a sleep mode is less then 600mW.
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