Failed Airtop?

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Failed Airtop?

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I've have an Airtop (order Compulab K-170221-07-I on Feb 22, 2017) in use since April. The system has been running (Windows 10 Pro) normally for months with a single SSD, so I'm confident that the memory is good.

Earlier this week I installed a second SSD. This is a very simple procedure. However, since then the Airtop will not boot. There's no video output at all.

I followed the troubleshooting guidance offered here: with no effect.

Per that page, I've tried:

- BIOS reset
- Booting with/without the storage frame.
- Reseated memory
- Used a DMM to verify that two of the four pins on the power supply read 19vdc.


- When powered on the status LCD works, I can navigate to the power consumption display which reports 13w.
- None of the video outputs (GTX or Intel) ever show any output. No BIOS messages or POST.
- USB connected keyboard shows no status lights.

Are there any further diagnostic procedures I can try? What course of action do you recommend?

PS - I emailed this info to support@ a few days ago, but have had no reply beyond the auto response.
Michael Graves
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Re: Failed Airtop?

Post by irads »

Hello Michael,

Your inquiry has been received and forwarded to engineering for further diagnosis. Airtop HW engineer sent some questions. Please check your email.

Thank you for your patience.
Irad Stavi
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