Power consumption when in Sleep or Shutdown

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Power consumption when in Sleep or Shutdown

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I have noticed that the power consumption when in Sleep and Shutdown state are a little higher than I would have expected for an Energy Star 5.2 compliant machine.
I have an accurate power meter that reads consumption at around 1.8 Watts when in sleep mode and 1.4 Watts when shutdown.
If I disconnect the power supply from the Intense PC when shutdown it drops to 0.15 Watts, so it's not the power supply.
I've tried disconnecting all the USB devices measuring consumption before and after, and there was a corresponding small reduction in power consumption but it still stayed above 1.3 Watts.
I have noticed that in Sleep mode the USB ports are still powered both the rear and FACE ports. When Shutdown the USB ports at the rear are turned off, but the FACE USB ports are still powered.
Is this something I need to configure in BIOS settings to properly power down the machine and reduce it's power consumption in Sleep or Shutdown state?

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Re: Power consumption when in Sleep or Shutdown

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That's curious. My power meter shows 3 watts at the power plug side of the power brick when in shutdown mode with power on. It also shows that 20 watts going into the power brick appears to be the upper bound on power consumption, going full screen with video benchmarks running, and less than 16 watts during heavy CPU mainly loads.

In other words, I have a 24-watt power brick I originally got for a cedarview computer board that ought to work without breathing too hard. As a matter of fact, it is hard to tell the difference between a cedarview atom system and this one in terms of power consumption.

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