Power management and display

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Power management and display

Post by equitius »

I took delivery of my new fitPC-3 this morning. Its a great little beast.

Reading the manual, there is the following note:

Working without a connected display automatically disables the graphics controller - saving power

I have no desire to save power as my fit is plugged into 240V mains power. I use my pc to run my astronomical equipment and have it set up to be slaved to a computer inside my house using RealVNC. As there is no monitor connected, will the graphics controller be disabled? If so, is there a way to overide this setting? As I am imaging with the fitPC, I need good graphics resolution on the controlling computer.

I can't find any setting in the graphics card driver, display or power management settings or anything obvious in the BIOS.


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Re: Power management and display

Post by irads »

We are not aware of a way to bypass DDC handshake in Windows 7.
You may consider something like this http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0032FF7B ... 11&pi=SL75
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Re: Power management and display

Post by gabrielh »

You can also try this solution offered by one of our valued users.
Gabriel Heifets

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