fit-PC3 compatible OSes

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fit-PC3 compatible OSes

Post by pierresenechal »

Is fit-PC3 hardware (at least partially) supported by OSes other than Windows and Linux? Are you planning to port the device drivers, or release them under an Open Source license?

If you have tested FreeBSD (or other BSDs), hypervisors or any other OS than the supported Windows and Linux Mint, please provide your feedback here.

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Re: fit-PC3 compatible OSes

Post by irads »

On the HW level fit-PC3 is very standard as well as its BIOS so it is likely to support other operating systems with no major issues - for example - Win8 Developer's Preview installed and worked perfectly out-of-the-box.

Our SW team must stay focused so we cannot allocate time to port drivers to other operating systems and support them. Therefore it is left to the OS vendors / communities / users to bring-up and decide whether the HW-SW combination is suitable.
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