fit-PC2i is now available for ordering

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fit-PC2i is now available for ordering

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fit-PC2i notes
All fit-PC2i models have the following standard features:

* DVI up to 1920×1080
* Dual Gigabit Ethernet
* S/PDIF 5.1 channels, stereo line-out, line-in and mic
* 4 USB 2.0 ports (2 mini-USB ports on the front with adapters to USB-A included)
* mini-SD slot
* auto-on
* Secured power jack

fit-PC2i pilot batch

CompuLab is now offering the first batch of fit-PC2i. Not all features are currently available.
Missing features:

* WiFi
* Serial port
* Wake on LAN

These features will be made available in future revisions.

Extra features:

* On-board 4GB flash disk (IDE interface).

The on-board flash will not be offered as standard in future revisions.

Why prices are higher ?

Price of fit-PC2i pilot batch is higher than similar fit-PC2 price. The difference is due to the extra on-board devices. In the future fit-PC2i will be offered without the on-board flash at a reduced price.
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