Substituting a 128GB ssd for the original 64GB

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Substituting a 128GB ssd for the original 64GB

Post by Gerald »

I have a MintBox Mini 2, FITLET2 CJ3455 which uses Transcend 64GB ssd -- and it works fine.

I purchased Transcend 128GB M.2 SATA 3 type 2260 as this ssd has the same 60mm length as the existing 64GB.

My procedure for the exchange went to plan, exactly as explained in the Fitlet 2 Owners Manual - see attached photos. Pict 017a is with the new 128GB installed.
The appearance is identical because the two drives are exactly alike.

Sadly the Transcend 128GB is not recognised in BIOS.
Swapping back to the original 64GB, then all is normal with BIOS recognition.

I hesitate before returning the Transcend 128GB back to to get a refund - since there might be factors I am not aware of.

I question:
Does it matter that the new ssd will be carrying no existing data and might need formatting?
Does it matter that the Fitlet2 is at the moment dedicated to running Linux Mint. I will be changing this by installing a flavour of Ubuntu instead.
Is it OK for its function to become a version of FITLET2 that is no longer the original MintBox?
Is there any other step to be taken?

If the problem is indeed a faulty ssd, then shall be writing over with a new Ubuntu installation on to the 64GB instead .... and consider a 128GB ssd at some later opportunity.

Anyone there with more experience than I've got? :)
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Re: Substituting a 128GB ssd for the original 64GB

Post by Andrey.Mazlin »

Here you can find a list of checked SSD drives. In your case it can be known M.2 SATA issue
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Re: Substituting a 128GB ssd for the original 64GB

Post by Paul.McPherson »

Thanks for these resources! I may well go and try to mate a bigger SSD to my fitlet2 in the future if I'm satisfied with it and wrap my head fully around it... Especially since I've received it yesterday and haven't touched it since opening the box due to an express task from work that needs me to draw a picture of the market for this property in Latvia ASAP.
I hope, at least, that I'll have some free time for it during the rest of the week...

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