Marine usage?

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Marine usage?

Post by bobkoure »

I'm looking at a pair of fitlet-Ts to put on a sailing yacht*. They will come nowhere near salt water, but there is moisture and salt in the air.
I would use these to run the nav software, and drive some built-in flatscreen monitors.
I have stable 12VDC and 240VAC (not sure, think it's 60HZ)

I'm more interested in how these PCs hold up to corrosion. For instance, is anyone using one of these in the Florida Keys?

I'm thinking, worst comes to worst, I can buy/setup a third PC (or a second pair) and keep that in an airtight pelican case. The crew should have no problem swapping a new PC in, so long as it's a simple unplug-one, replug the other.

The problem is that this is for a boat in Auckland. I'm in Boston. I'll be there for initial installation, but, after that, will be on the far side of the world (or pretty nearly). I'm installing a pair (sort of a "tell me twice" setup) but both being down means no nav - possibly between NZ and Fiji.
I know how to use a sextant and I'd expect the skipper knows how as well, but I need these to work.

Thanks very much for your input!

*more like a floating living room that can be moved by wind (and diesel)

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Re: Marine usage?

Post by Arwen »

In theory, you could install it in a sealed, water proof case. However, the fitlet-T can use
a lot more power than the other models. (Of course, fitlet-Ts are faster too). So more
power, means more heat.

If you can come up with a sealed, water proof case that can disapate heat, then that
might work well. Especially if you don't use spinning media in the 2.5" drive bay.

As for corrosion, I would not know, I am a regular user myself.
Arwen Evenstar
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Re: Marine usage?

Post by mbirger »

Our systems used a lot in extreme conditions like military, avionic, space & marine environments.
We have customers that operate these computers successfully on vessels, yachts under marine applications (3D ocean topography mapping tools, navigation, etc.)

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