Boot from SD?

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Boot from SD?

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Hello everyone.
Thinking about migration from raspberry pi to more efficient platform such as fitlet. So, my question is - i dont want to buy and insert an SSD-drive, 16 or 32gb - it's enough for my home server running Debian/Ubuntu. So i prefer to use a fast (class 10) uSD-card as a hard drive. Is there an option in BIOS where i can select to boot from uSD-card?


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Re: Boot from SD?

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Yes, fitlet supports uSD boot.
Irad Stavi
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Re: Boot from SD?

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I confirm. Here I boot linux via EFI, linux kernel UEFI STUB from fat32 mmcblk0p1.
My project for do file copy:

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Re: Boot from SD?

Post by Arwen »

Yes, booting from microSD works fine.

After I migrated from the fitlet-iA10 to fitlet-H, I had a left over -iA10 model with 8GB
RAM. So I copied my OS to a 32GB microSD, and put it in the fitlet-iA10 for OS testing.
(The 1TB mSATA SSD remains in my fitlet-H...)
Arwen Evenstar
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