fit-VGA for Intense PC2?

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fit-VGA for Intense PC2?

Post by kenw232 »

From the support PDF at it says the HDMI to VGA converter doesn't work with the IntensePC2? Are there any other options?


Re: fit-VGA for Intense PC2?

Post by mbirger »

There are plenty 3rd party options on eBay, Amazon, etc:

1. 3rd party DP to VGA adapters – several adapters have been tested and qualified by CompuLab
a. Dell: ... u=330-4685
b. HP: ... id=3955073
c. Others: ... r&_sacat=0

2. 3rd party HDMI to VGA adapters – haven’t been qualified yet by CompuLab (should be soon).
If you’d like to connect your analog display via HDMI port, you’re welcome to try: ... r&_sacat=0

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