Unknown drivers on FitPC3

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Unknown drivers on FitPC3

Post by toastm4n »

Hi, my company buy a lot of FitPC3 (in the hundreds) without HDDs, we install a HDD and the O/S ourselves.

We prepare an image to deploy on our units, as long as the hardware is the same the image works great.

We received a new batch of FitPC3 units and the image no longer work, upon investigation, there are 3 unknown drivers:

We already installed the usual drivers from here:

(We used Windows 7, 64-bits)

Can you please help me locate the correct drivers?

Questions are welcome..

Thank you.

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Re: Unknown drivers on FitPC3

Post by gabrielh »

Good Day

As I understand from your post, you have downloaded and installed the latest drivers from the Compulab website. Please note, the drivers were updated on our website on 04DEC2012. You can check if you have the latest driver pack.
If the latest driver doesn't fit your system, I need you to provide me with the Vendor ID and the Device ID of each of the devices?

Sorry for any inconvenience
Gabriel Heifets

Fit-PC2/3/IntensePC support.

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