3.5mm sound not working?

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3.5mm sound not working?

Post by kenw232 »

This should have been posted to the intense pc forum, not intense pc 2.

I did a clean install of Windows 10 on an IntensePC and I hear no sound at all out of the 3.5mm" audio jack. I am using HDMI too at the same time for video. How do I fix this? There is no apparent problem in Device Manager and everything else is great.

Current BIOS Version: Latest

Intel i7-3517UE (1.7Ghz dual core)
Memory Speed: 1333Mhz
Intel HD Graphics 4000 17W
WiFi: b/g/n

SN: 1120718-00008
PN: C3517V-WB-FM4U


Re: 3.5mm sound not working?

Post by mbirger »

Are you able to get audio on HDMI or DP video output ports?
Do you have audio output on the same HW under Win7 or Linux?

These two will be a good indication where the problem is - HW or SW.
In case under any OS you cannot get sound, then it is a HW failure and probably RMA, otherwise it is a SW settings /driver issue.

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