eSATA power

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eSATA power

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Providing two eSATA ports makes the Intense PC a perfect low power NAS (in addition to WOL support)
Do the eSATA provide any power at all (eSATAp)?
To power 2.5" drives it might be possible to get just the power from USB, while using the faster SATA interface for data?

Michael from Sweden

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Re: eSATA power

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Dear Michael from Sweden

There is no eSATAp ports on IntensePC. We don't have any plans for now to implement one of this in a near future. To power a typical 2.5 drive you can take the power either from a USB3 port, which provides up to a 900mA of a current, or from a two USB2 ports, which will give you a total up to 1000mA of a current.
Check the current rate of your drive first. The typical current rate of a 2.5 HDD is various between a 700mA to a 850mA.

Please also consider to use an USB3 interface as an alternative option to eSATA
Gabriel Heifets

Fit-PC2/3/IntensePC support.

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