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As on 25JULY2013, Current driver on FIT-PC.COM has a minor flaw

If you try to install it. It first tries to install the AUDIO driver and you don't see the Video driver when you launch SETUP.EXE.

The install fails because it's missing one file in the SUB DIR "DisplayAudio".

The file is: "IntcDAuC.dll". I copied it from the PackVer= of the "DisplayAudio "driver release in the current Video driver version v15. on Intel's site. And, the setup.exe ran end to end without error.

Also, the Fit-PC driver is newer than what's on Intel's site.

I use an app called TurnOffv101.exe to turn off my display with a single click of the app shortcut. I was having an issue the TV's display image turn off but not the backlight and the TV didn't drop in power saving saver mode showing my SAMSUNG TV's clock. I was using the INTEL site driver 3186 at the time because the FIT-PC 3204 driver's setup failed out. Now that fixed the issue with the 3204 driver and loaded it. My TurnOffv101 issue has fixed itself and the intense now works like my FIT-PC3 did,

No if I can only fix the not waking up from sleep with mouse and keyboard input issue. And WMP12 issues. I'll be golden.

I'll have to use this 3204 on the new rig a built my sister two weeks ago. It to used the 3186 driver and had the same exact issue with TurnOffv101 and the ASUS PA249Q monitor I deployed.

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Re: Intense-PC_Win7_x64_Video_9.18.10.3204_15.

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Fixed. Please redownload the video drivers from the FitPC website.

Sorry for inconvenience.
Gabriel Heifets

Fit-PC2/3/IntensePC support.

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