DisplayPort problems...

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DisplayPort problems...

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Hello. I have a new IntensePC, and I have installed Linux Mint 15 x64. I have two widescreen monitors which are identical, and have VGA ports. So I have two adapters to connect these monitors, made by StarTech, one DP -> VGA and the other HDMI -> VGA.

The HDMI connected monitor works fine, showing up in the configuration as 'RIS 19"'. The DP connected monitor shows up as "Unknown" and is set to the wrong resolution, causing the image to be stretched.

So then I figured out that suspending the computer and waking it back up caused the problem to fix, now both screens showing up correctly, and with the right resolution. After a reboot, the problem returned, but I was dealing with it for weeks like that.

And then, one day all of a sudden, suspend did fix the resolution, but now the image is offset like two inches to the right, with the right side being cut off and the left side black. I try to adjust the monitor horizontal position, but even setting it all the way to the left doesn't go far enough.

I've also noticed now that during the bios flash screen (which seems to only show up on the DisplayPort monitor) flashes that same offset to the right. I don't think it was like that ealier, but I'm stumped to know what changed.

Any ideas?

Thank you,

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