No VGA display on Intense-PC

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No VGA display on Intense-PC

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I can confirm that the display works fine if I connect using the HDMI to DVI adpater, and a DVI monitor, however, the HDMI to fit-VGA connector seems to confuse Linux Mint monitor detection.
I tried changing the screen resolution while on the DVI monitor and then shutting down and plugging into the VGA monitor, but to no avail. Also tried "nomodeset" option in grub boot menu without success.

Please let me know if you can get the Intense-PC working with a VGA monitor.


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Re: No VGA display on Intense-PC

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I think there is sth wrong with the screen itself, you can replace the screen to see if this matter can be solved, you can get the screen from :D :D

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Re: No VGA display on Intense-PC

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Intense PC doesn't support fit-VGA due to the Intel's video driver limitations.
Gabriel Heifets

Fit-PC2/3/IntensePC support.

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Re: No VGA display on Intense-PC

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My customer is using intense pc type 3517 (I7) with HD Graphics 4000 and has to connect to vga with fit-VGA converter. Unfortunately it is not working.
Is there still no work around for this matter ?
Thanks for reply!
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Re: No VGA display on Intense-PC

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fit-VGA does not translate the display type identification bit in the EDID block so the display identifies as VGA through the HDMI port. Some display drivers do not like it, including Intel's.

Some options
- Try a 3rd party HDMI to VGA adapter. Prices has fallen in recent years.
- Consider DisplayPort to VGA adapter.
Irad Stavi
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