Bios update fail on IPC

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Bios update fail on IPC

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I just tried updating the BIOS to the latest version on my IPC1.

The BIOS_UPD.bat runs fine, after reboot the bios is being flashed.

The ME_LOCK.bat step however I haven't been able to do. Eventhough the usb with bios update is still plugged in, it boots directly to GRUB and does not bring me back to the bios update screen to run the LOCK command.

The second problem with this is: the usb keyboard now doesn't work anymore, I cannot get into the bios with F2 to check the boot order or do anything else.

Any ideas to fix this? Thanks in advance!


Re: Bios update fail on IPC

Post by mbirger »

Please use standard wired USB keyboard (not wireless) for BIOS update, and follow the procedure:

1. Disconnect from power.
2. Disconnect all HDD/SSD.
3. BIOS reset ( ... leshooting)
4. Power on and wait till end of BIOS POST.
5. Plug in USB drive with BIOS update.
6. Reset computer.
7. It should boot to Free DOS.
8. Run ME_LOCK.bat
9. Disconnect from power, connect all HDD/SSD back.

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