MintBox 2 CSM

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MintBox 2 CSM

Post by hwmartin »

It would appear the the MintBox 2 doesn't support fully native UEFI booting, by which I mean even in "UEFI Boot" mode, the CSM still runs. ... SM_booting

I have disabled Legacy Boot in the graphical configuration tool, however when grub loads the resolution is still very low, and cannot be set to the native monitor resolution (1920x1080).

Boot settings:
UEFI Boot: Enabled
Legacy Boot: Disabled

After much time spent Googling, it appears this is because the MintBox 2 is loading CSM during boot, which causes VGA resolution. If I compare the MintBox 2 grub/console output to another computer which boots without running CSM, it is clear that the MintBox 2 is running at a very low resolution.

I am confident that Linux is booting in UEFI mode and not via an MBR bootloader.

Is there perhaps a UEFI build within CompuLab that completely disables CSM? It would be really nice, because then grub and Linux console would support efifb.


Re: MintBox 2 CSM

Post by mbirger »

I doubt, but will check.
In general Intense PC BIOS has been freezed and will be no longer changed.

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