Catching F2 on Boot to get to BIOS

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Catching F2 on Boot to get to BIOS

Post by emurach »

My Intense boots really Fast.

There a Samsung 840Pro 512GB 2.5" and a Muskin 480 MSATA

I can't seem to catch the F2 to get to bios setup.

It just speeds on by to the OS or boot drive or SHELL

I pulled to hard drive to get it to boot the USB to update the BIOS.

I was able to get into bios once. I checked the settings and enabled UEFI boot. On reboot w/o the C: OS boot drive installed or the USB key it just went to SHELL. the SECURE TIANO 2.2 screen went by way to fast. Pressing F2 did nothing. Now I'm using a RF Keyboard but I did NOT enable fast boot in BIOS. It should wait for a few seconds for the key press but its not.

It been this way since the original BIOS. I own two PC Intense Pro. They both have the issue. But the bedroom a bit faster.

Any ideas here why this happens. Normally I don't care I just want it to boot to windows. But some times I want to get to the bios setup. I'd like to wait 3sec on boot for the F2 press like a on a decent bios machine.


Re: Catching F2 on Boot to get to BIOS

Post by mbirger »

To enter the BIOS please use a wired USB keyboard (to eliminate RF drivers issues) on USB2.0 ports.
USB3.0 ports are not operational during boot.

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Re: Catching F2 on Boot to get to BIOS

Post by krj »

Hold down the F2 button while you turn on the Intense PC, then release and press F2 fast for a few times. It may take some tries to enter the BIOS.

I had problems with a cheap PS/2 to USB converter. First after changing the adapter and using the instructions just provided, I can enter the BIOS reliable without removing the HDD.

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