Intense PC shuts down

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Intense PC shuts down

Post by ronyd »

For the last months I'm experiencing a very annoying problem with my Intense PC. It just freezes and the only way to fix it is to turn off the computer. When I do that, the body is extremely hot and must use a piece of cardboard to help myself if I don't want to be burnt.
There's no indication when this is going to happen, and it can occur 5 minutes after turning on the PC or 2 hours after, even without doing anything complex. 95% of my usage is for YouTube.
Please help, this Intense PC worked fine more than a year, and I have another FIT-PC that's also working fine.


Re: Intense PC shuts down

Post by mbirger »

Can you measure the temperature of the CPU using Speedfan or other tool? It more sounds like some thermal coupling issue. Please measure the temp. and maybe it will require an RMA for further investigation.

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