Problems Booting from USB

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Problems Booting from USB

Post by slackcc »

Hi all,

I just received my Intense-PC Multilan Pro Linux (IPC-D4x2-C3517V-H500-WB-XLM-FM4LAN) and I'm trying to boot up using a bootable 8G USB that I created to install the Untangle NG firewall (Linux based). I've tried booting from this USB on a different computer and it boots fine, however on the IPC it simply doesn't boot.

My boot order in the BIOS indicates that "Generic USB HDD" should be first in boot order. If I hit F5 to specify boot device and select the USB HDD the system blanks the screen for a moment and then returns to the boot menu. Is there something I'm missing in order to allow booting from a USB stick?

Any help appreciated.



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Re: Problems Booting from USB

Post by hwmartin »

Hi slackcc,

The MintBox 2 ships with legacy boot mode enabled, which means it will only boot off of USB keys which have a boot loader installed to the MBR. I'm unfamiliar with the latest Untangle builds, so I can't speak to whether they are EFI-boot capable or not.

In the Intense PC configuration utility ("BIOS") you can enable Legacy booting mode as well as UEFI booting. I would enable both, as that gives you the most flexibility. If you find you still cannot boot off of your Untangle USB key, I would check the instructions for how you created the key to see if additional steps to install the boot loader are required.

UEFI media is typically VFAT formatted, or has an EFI system partition (VFAT) as the first partition. MBR formatted media can be any partition type, but has a bootloader (such as syslinux, grub, or lilo) installed to the MBR, which is part of the partition table.

Do you have instructions on how you created the Untangle NG USB boot device, or was it shipped to you? Can you provide an fdisk output from another computer of the USB device? That would help determine if it is using UEFI or MBR boot.

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Re: Problems Booting from USB

Post by emurach »

If you drop into UEFI shell. You can change to and mount to any of the drive. If they are UEFI drives. you simply can change to the UEFI PARTITION within shell and then directly launch the boot loader. This how I installed Win7 Pro to my Intense PC in UEFI mode.

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