Intel Boot Agent

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Intel Boot Agent

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I have had a MintBox Pro for over a year and installed many different operating system without any real difficulty.
I just purchased a new MintBox2. Tested it for several days using the pre installed Mint 15. I had no trouble at all.
I then decided to install SolydX, which I have installed on other systems including the above mentioned MintBox Pro.
The first time I rebooted there was a message about Intel Boot Agent,IP addresses, and DHCP popped up. It then went to a text type of window with choices of Boot Menu and App Menu. Choosing the hard drive does not boot the system. I have looked the BIOS setup over but dont see anything obvious to me. I have also hit ctrl-s to enter the setup for the Intel Boot Agent. As near as I can tell the only thing it lets me change is how long it displays the message to press ctrl-s for setup.
I really have no idea what the Intel Boot Agent is but my MintBox2 will no longer boot to anything except the Boot Agent menu.

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