miniPCI-e mSATA SATA controller support? USB 3.0 chipset?

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miniPCI-e mSATA SATA controller support? USB 3.0 chipset?

Post by JazJon »

My goal is to hookup THREE 4-bay hard drive enclosures so I have 3 questions.

Mediasonic ProBox 4 Bay 3.5' SATA Hard Drive Enclosure - USB 3.0 & eSATA (HF2-SU3S2) Hello, 3 questions.

Will the new 2013 IntensePC's miniPCI-e slot support mSATA controller cards? such as the Commell MPX-9125 ... X-9125.HTM
(I confirmed with commell this card supports mSATA port multiplier enclosures)
If it "should" work, is there room to route out the two flat mSATA cables that connect to the miniPCIe card I want to install?

I see the IntensePC already comes with 1 built in mSATA port. Which chipset controller is used? (need to know it supports S.M.A.R.T./SMART)
I'm hopping I can use the 2 mSATA ports from Q1 along with the 3rd built in mSATA port for a total of 3 mSATA connections. (so I can have the three 4-bay enclosures going) This will all be pooled together with

If mSTATA is not possible, what USB 3.0 chipset controller is used? (hopefully Intel?) The 3rd party ones always have drop out issues. (such as Renesas/NEC, no good)

The reason I'm interested in your miniPC is because it's small/quiet yet powerful so perfect for a my bedroom. (Windows 8, used as media server to my other HTPC)

I prefer keeping things pure SATA controlled and not using USB 3.0 unless it's the only option.

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Re: miniPCI-e mSATA SATA controller support? USB 3.0 chipset

Post by gabrielh »

Q1: No. There is no way to route outside such cable
Q2: Native Intel
Q3: Intel's
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Fit-PC2/3/IntensePC support.

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