Automatic graphics output desactivation - Can be turned off?

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Automatic graphics output desactivation - Can be turned off?

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Hi, as it was mentioned in these forums and also in the manual that I received with the Intense PC Value, the graphics outputs are automatically desactivated when nothing connected.

Can you please explain exactly what does it exactly mean "nothing connected":
- the cables not connected, or
- monitor connected but not active (to me this seems to be the case actually)

The issue I have is:
My monitor (HP LP2475w) has 7 inputs (3 out of that are in use, including Intense PC attached to one of them).
In order to switch between inputs there are 2 modes supported:
- manual scan
- automatic scan

In the first one you need to press a button to switch between all the 7 inputs. This works fine with Intense PC, but is a bit annoying (cycling even through inputs not in use).

In the second one you need to press a button to switch between the active inputs only. This does not work - attached Intense PC is not detected.

So it seems to me that the "IntensePC graphics turns off when nothing connected" means also "IntensePC graphics turns off even when monitor is connected but not active". It seems to me that the issue is that during the "active inputs detection" the monitor activates for a short moment the Intense PC display port, after a short while Intense PC graphics turns on, but it is already too late - before this the monitor already makes the conclusion that nothing is connected.

Is there some way to change this behavior (to keep the graphics output always on)? I didn't find anything related in the Bios.

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Re: Automatic graphics output desactivation - Can be turned

Post by gabrielh »

After reviewing your problem, I am agree with you that the graphic disactivation is may be the most possible source of your problem. Unfortunately, Intel provides a closed source graphic drivers, which cannot be modified. There is can be a hardware solution for your problem, which evolve hdmi cable modification to make hotplug detect pin always high. Please do it on your own risk only.
Gabriel Heifets

Fit-PC2/3/IntensePC support.

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