freeze of the LAN

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freeze of the LAN

Post by emmort »

I use my fit-pc2 as a printer- fileserver without any monitor.

I use Ubuntu 9.04 and proftpd as file server.

I experiment some freezing of the network card as soon i try to transfer more than 1 Gb.

The stransfer stalled and when I try to ping the fit-pc2: "network not reachable". After a few minutes, the ping go on and I the transfer completed.

When it occurs, the NX-connection I use closed automatically and I have no way to find what happens. Nothing in the dmesg and more strange, the aMule statistics see no problem on the outgoing connection, but the incoming connection are stopped (but resumed after a while).

Best regards,

Emmanuel Mortier

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Re: freeze of the LAN

Post by Kleborp »

Sounds like the same issue discussed in this topic. Basically you have to turn off the 'C-States' power saving in the BIOS and use just GV3, it's a known bug in the kernel (related to ACPI/Power Management).

So try changing that bios option and test again.

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Re: freeze of the LAN

Post by mini »

Disabling C-states in the BIOS did solve the LAN freezing problem for me (Ubuntu 9.04 here)!

Thanks a lot, I've been testing various fixes for the r8169 driver and the kernel (even compiling the r8168 driver from Realtek), with no luck. Seems the issue was not with the network card after all.

I just hope a fix for this could make it into either the kernel or the fit-pc2 BIOS...

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