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Re: eSATA port multiplier

Post by Qlaras »

Has anyone gotten an eSATA port multiplier (of any brand/type) to function with the Fit-PC3 eSATA ports? (Has CompuLab tested it in any fashion, so we would at least know its enabled/working?)

I'm considering one of these: - but am leery to drop $225 if the port multiplier function may not work. (I'd sooner put that into a dedicated device and share VM images via iSCSI instead; then I could have multiple VM hosts with one NAS)


Re: eSATA port multiplier

Post by mbirger »

fit-PC3 AMD A55E FCH SATA controller is port-multiplier-aware host that support FIS-based switching, so theoretically Port Multipliers can be supported on all SATA ports, though not tested.

RAID supported as well.

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