Marine usage

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Marine usage

Post by bobkoure »

"Marine" as in large sailing yacht, not Naval Infantry :-)
I'm considering putting a built-out IPC2 i7 on a large (20m) sailing yacht - to run the navigation software and drive a pair of flat panel monitors.
The PCs would not be anywhere near the water, but instead in a closet in the main cabin - but there would be salt and moisture in the air.
Any idea if this model might be suitable for this somewhat corrosive atmosphere (not dissimilar to operation on, say, on land on the Florida Keys, or on a smaller Mediterranean island
We'd be getting two, and either would be sufficient for navigation - and am considering a third, to go in a Pelican case, just in case there's an issue with one of the two. I will not be on the boat, except for installation, and so need a modular repair for the crew.

Semi-related: how do I go about getting PCs from different production runs?


Re: Marine usage

Post by mbirger »

IPC2 systems used a lot in extreme conditions like military, avionic, space & marine environments.
We have customers that operate these computers successfully on vessels, yachts under marine applications (3D ocean topography mapping tools, navigation, etc.)

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