Serial sticker peels off

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Serial sticker peels off

Post by hwmartin »

Hey CompuLab,

Purchased a second MintBox for a project and noticed that this one has the same problem as the one I purchased a year ago. Mainly: when the computer heats up, the adhesive on the serial number sticker loses its stickiness and peels off.

I have taken to putting the serial number on the inside of the 2.5" HD tray as it doesn't seem to warm up enough there to peel off, and by chance it does, it won't be lost because it's inside the MintBox.

I know putting it inside the MintBox is not a good solution for you, since customers need to be able to read it should they need service, but I thought you should know that the adhesive is ineffective at the operating temperature of the MintBox and this is the second unit I've had where the sticker comes off through normal use.


Re: Serial sticker peels off

Post by mbirger »

Thanks, we aware of this.

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