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Re: Audio

Post by vtailor »

I actually got the analog audio to work in Windows XP that I had lying around. What happens when it plays a "Windows sound" is that you hear a slight hissing followed by the bell and whistle sound. So, the cougar point chipset does actually work. In Windows XP. If you want analog audio to work in Windows 7/8, you might ask where the audio_patch.exe program is in the driver, because that is what makes analog sound work in Windows XP. You can't just use audio_patch.exe in Windows 7/8, because it gives an "unable to access value" message when doing things to the registry.

Under Linux, with a recent alsa setup, alsamixer shows a single "speaker out" line very similar to what you get with the USB analog audio device. For all I know, Intel designed that part of their chipset to resemble such a device.

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Re: Audio

Post by frankinbahia »

I know this thread's a few months old, but it seems that the original poster was left up in the air. Is his issue unique to him, or is there a general problem with Win7/8 analog audio on the Intense PC?

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Re: Audio

Post by irads »

We are not aware of a general quality issue with analog audio in Intense PC.
Irad Stavi
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Re: Audio

Post by menthurae »

I just set up a Mintbox2 for my mum and I have a similar issue as noted here. Upon installing Windows 7 x64 Professional, there's no way to allow analog/speaker output in either the Realtek HD control panel or Windows Audio settings.

I tried un-installing and re-installing the compulab provided drivers, as well as OEM drivers from Realtek. No difference...

I will try to perform the registry fix noted here... but I think it is actually an issue given that more than one person has noted it.

Even users on Linux have an issue by default and have to install a specific program to allow switching...

Anyway - here's hoping the registry fix works. I will reply back to this thread with my results :D

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Re: Audio

Post by hwmartin »

Disclaimer: I'm not running Windows on my Intense PC but I've seen this issue with other Windows computers that have digital and analog audio outputs.

From this screen:

You should be able to view the properties of the Headphones sound device and set it as the default sound device for Windows playback. As you can see from johnB's screenshot, currently the Digital Audio (S/PDIF) is the default sound device.

If you cannot select the "Headphones" output as the default output device, click on the Digital Audio (S/PDIF) device, click on Properties, and change the Device usage from "Use this device (enable)" to "Don't use this device (disable)" and see if that allows you to configure another sound card as the default output.

In Linux my Intense PC always thinks the headphones are unplugged. I'm not sure if this is because the presence detect pin is not connected, or just unsupported by the audio driver. If you can figure out how to set the "Headphones" output as your default output device that will disable S/PDIF output.

@menthurae using pavucontrol allows Linux users to select whether they want digital or analog output. I'm not sure if that's installed on the CompuLab load or not.


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Re: Audio

Post by johnB »

just chiming in here as i raised this some time ago.... extremely happy with my my extreme pc running W8.1...except i have the same old audio troubles. in then end i gave up and connected a blue tooth mobile speaker - but it's not that good.

Cheers, John

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Re: Audio

Post by menthurae »

Just adding my 2c again... registry "fix" didn't fix anything.

I ended up getting a monitor with HDMI Audio/Inbuilt Speakers and am running audio that way. Not ideal but it works.

Bit of a shame that the MintBox2 has these issues - I also have issues with WiFi being totally useless... had to run a CAT5 cable to "fix" that.

So good! Not! :(

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