Fit-pc3 Not Booting

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Fit-pc3 Not Booting

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I have had the fit-pc3 for a couple of months now, and it has up until now been working perfectly fine.

As of this morning however it is no longer booting. I have been powering it via DC power supply without issue most of this time, including last night when it was working perfectly.

Now this morning when I start it the fit-pc3 it will not display on screen (not even the BIOS menu) and appears to not power the keyboard or mouse as they do not light up or respond. I have read the other issues in this forum and tried a new monitor/keyboard/mouse/holding F2 but they have not worked either.

The fit-pc 3 is not responding when booted.

Is there anything I can potentially do other than send it back for repairs/testing?

Cheers, Henry

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Re: Fit-pc3 Not Booting

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Please make sure it's not a power supply issue. Does the front logo light green?
Irad Stavi
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