Realtek Wireless drivers freeze Windows 7 and 8

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Realtek Wireless drivers freeze Windows 7 and 8

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I installed a Crucial M4 SSD on my new Fit-PC3, and I have loaded Windows 7 Professional 64bit and later Windows 8 CP 32bit on it as OS's. On the first OS install, Windows 7 Professional, everything went well. The Realtek RTL8188CE Wireless drivers installed from Windows Update automatically. However, after running for about 2 weeks, I tried to run a Live CD, and it somehow corrupted the system (I'm not sure how that happened since I thought "Live" cd's loaded only into RAM and didn't affect the drive). Upon reinstalling Windows 7, I have not been able to get the wireless working again. When I attempt to install from Windows update, the drivers from the Fit-PC site, or drivers downloaded from Realtek, the system freezes in mid-install. I have to do a power button shutdown to restart the system. I then loaded Windows 8 CP to see if that would help. I get the exact same response, a system freeze in mid-install of the Realtek wireless drivers. All the other Realtek drivers install with no problem.

When I go to Device Manager in Windows 7 (I haven't been able to get Windows 8 Device Manager to recognize it as other than "network device"), the Realtek Wireless NIC shows up with a yellow triangle. When attempting to update the driver from Device Manager, I get the message that the most current drivers are already installed, but the device remains inactive. Any thoughts on how I can get the wireless working on my Fit-PC3 again? Thanks!

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Re: Realtek Wireless drivers freeze Windows 7 and 8

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Can you please try an HDD drive?
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