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fit-PC3 Value general performance

Posted: Fri Sep 05, 2014 3:38 am
by crusader

I am considering to use "fit-PC3 Value" as "computer for kids" with aim to use it later as a home server (to handle bunch of hard drives and run SageTV).

I tried my best but I could not find any answer for these questions:
- will it comfortably handle office-style applications on Win7? (like Winword/Excel/etc)
- will it comfortably handle light gaming (2-d platformers, Terraria, etc)?
- is there any way to connect bunch of hard drives to it (lets say 8) and manage them using Linux in 1Gbps network?

I am thinking about equipping it with 4Gb of memory and SSD.

Appreciate any help with this.
Thank you.

Re: fit-PC3 Value general performance

Posted: Tue Sep 09, 2014 3:59 am
by crusader
Anyone? Please?

Re: fit-PC3 Value general performance

Posted: Tue Sep 09, 2014 10:30 am
by Will.Rubin
I'll volunteer a tangential opinion. I switched to Intense PCs when they came out and have an Intense PC value as a HTPC. It has a processor about 4x faster (passmark scores) in general use but with graphics more in line. I have 16GB memory and a SSD installed. I find it sluggish for 2D games and even regular office style applications (especially Java based applications). It's completely unsuitable for 3D games.

Also, I think the minimum memory for a Windows 7 or Windows 8 machine should be 8GB. It's pretty easy to end up with excess paging with only 4GB. With a mechanical HD you'd definitely feel it. And even a SSD is orders of magnitude slower than main memory.

Re: fit-PC3 Value general performance

Posted: Mon Sep 22, 2014 8:06 am
by mbirger
Please refer to benchmark analysis score ... is-GB2.pdf

fit-PC3 Value can run Office applications and simple kids 2D games. It also can serve as home management server to some extent and without too much load, though the overall performance really depends on the applications and OS load.

fit-PC3 Value is a low-end device that fits great as thin client for specific applications, not as general purpose computer for home use. It will be quite weak.

If you're looking for mid-end device please consider fit-PC3/3 Pro or Intense PC Value.

Re: fit-PC3 Value general performance

Posted: Tue Oct 14, 2014 4:43 am
by crusader
Thank you for info. I'll give it a try, if it won't work -- will use it for backup server or smth. :-)