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Air Travel

Posted: Fri Jul 04, 2014 5:46 pm
by roblucid
Next winter I'm expecting a long trip away, and am considering taking not only laptop but the fit PC3 used as SOHO server, rather than be stuck with just Win8 & Cygwin for months.

Just wondering if anyone's had experience of taking the ribbed Pro on board as hand luggage? I'd be bit worried about triggering airline security if it was a checked in luggage item. OTOH lately I've been made to open up laptop, and just wonder what they'd make of somewhat evil looking box, and I couldn't carry everything I'd need to demonstrate it operating, or perhaps even a screwdriver to open it up and show what's inside.

No worries about bumps and knocks, it's fitted with an SSD. If it was refused travel, I'd have to abandon the flight and book another, which would NOT go down well with the wife.