FitPC3 Power Adaptor

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FitPC3 Power Adaptor

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Hi All,
I hope I'm posting in the right forum, we have been using the FITPC2 for Beta testing but are moving over to the FITPC3 as it supports x64 OS, however I'm found one big disadvantage of the v3 over the v2 and that is the power adaptor.

On the version 2 the adaptor was separate with a male IEC C14 plug on the end, this was ideal for us because we threw away the lead that came with the appliance and replaced it with an IEC C14 to IEC C13 cable, this allowed us to plug the device right into the server room rack power supply.

The FITPC v3 comes with a plug with international exchangeable adaptors however there is not and IEC C14 (male) adaptor, and even if there was because of the size of the plug it means it wouldn't be practical, so has anyone managed to get an external power supply like that which comes with the FitPC v2.

Also note to the makers of the FitPC can future models have a power suply like the v2 if possible.

Link to the IEC connectors (just in case)

Many thanks.

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Re: FitPC3 Power Adaptor

Post by irads »

A recurring feedback we received with the first generation of fit-PC2 was about power plug locking.
For fit-PC3 and Intense PC we designed a twist-to-lock power plug.
CompuLab can provide Y-cables (tinned edges) with that plug.
Irad Stavi
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