Using fit-VGA with fit-PC3 in Windows XP

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Using fit-VGA with fit-PC3 in Windows XP

Post by Andy »

Hi there,

I have 5 questions regarding fit-VGA and fit-PC3:

1) Does it work with Windows XP ?
2) If it works, then does XP need to be patched like Windows 7 ?
3) If Windows XP does need to be patched, does it use the same patch and installation method as Windows 7 (i.e. ?

These next questions apply to both Windows XP and Windows 7:

4) When using fit-VGA, do we still get the full benefit of hardware acceleration ?
5) After having patched Windows 7 or XP (if applicable), is it possible to simply unplug the VGA monitor and attach an HDMI or DVI monitor instead, without having to un-intstall the patch ?

Thanks once again for your help


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Re: Using fit-VGA with fit-PC3 in Windows XP

Post by gabrielh »

Hi Andy

Here are your answers

1) Yes. It was tested with WinXP
2) Please use the attached patch with the instructions from the Windows 7 post
3) Refer paragraph 2
4) Yes
5) In most cases yes, but if you have a problem, you'll need to remove the EDID emulation registry entry to get the correct EDID data
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