BIOS reset

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Re: BIOS reset

Post by chriskuta »

Hi I'd also like the instructions how to reset my bios to factory.. Its very easy to lock yourself out.. just disable USB on Boot and hey presto you can't get into the BOIS anymore cause you can't press F2.

Let me know if you need a photo of the board or whatever..

EDIT: Found the tiny jumpers under the memory slot (marked BIOS reset) and just shorted them for a second, worked fine.

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Re: BIOS reset

Post by jimfred »

I'm requesting info to reset cmos / bios settings. The BIOS was configured to disable USB upon boot but now I need to make changes related to a disk-change.

I PMed gabrieth too.

EDIT: I followed chriskuta's suggestion: under the Fit-PC3's outside SODIMM memory, there are 2 vias marked BIOS reset. I shorted them for a second which reset CMOS settings.

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Re: BIOS reset

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Same issue fitPC3, please send me instructions. Thank you !

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