fit-PC3_Win7_FM-SER_2013.07.09 how to load

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fit-PC3_Win7_FM-SER_2013.07.09 how to load

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I see there this new driver. There no master automated installer. So one has to manually load them. ok can do that.

I unzipped it.

Contains two folders:

Can you clearly explain the manual load points in Window Device manager to install these two drivers?

I see OXPCIe958 has the same Hardware ID as "Ports (COM & LPT) -> Communications Part (COM1). Hardware ID: PNP0501. I manually loaded the driver. Restarted OS. But it failed to start code (10). It did load like better serial port driver from the increased options though. But it didn't startup.

I have zero idea which the load point is for the driver in the FT232HQ folder is.

I've been peeking at the inf files for hardware id's so far. but that not clear instructions on there install.

Some clarity on FIT-PC's part would go a long way towards there install and use here.

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