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Sound works in Windows 8 on the North American basic fit-pc3

Posted: Sun Mar 17, 2013 10:14 pm
by vtailor
The trick - I think - is to get the general driver from realtek, the one with AMD compatibility and Windows 8, and play with the installed driver settings until you find the right combination. Something with the file folder icon actually being the doorway to checking for where things are plugged in to the computer. All I know is that the realtek driver suddenly changed from the digital front to a living room with two analog speakers. And, of course, I have analog sound coming out of the analog/spdif jack now.

Now, all I need is a "legal" copy of Windows 8. Ah yes, this is for 32-bit Windows 8 on an IDE-compatibility bios. I need to test further for AHCI, etc.