Can't get 2560x1600 on Fit-PC3?

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Can't get 2560x1600 on Fit-PC3?

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I have a Fit-PC3 -- *not* a Fit-PC3i -- that I'm trying to use to build a kiosk-style embedded control station with a millitary surplus ruggedized 30" LCD touchscreen display.

The display reports two resolutions by DPMS, its native 2560x1600 and a scaled 1280x800. My Macbook Pro happily runs this display at 2560x1600.

I'm using a DisplayPort to dual-link DVI cable with the Fit-PC3 but seem to be limited to 1280x800 resolution. I am using Debian Jesse with the firmware-linux-nonfree package installed. The "Monitors" preferences panel shows 1280x800 as the only available resolution.

Does anyone actually have a Fit-PC3 running at 2560x1600 under Linux? How did you do it?


Re: Can't get 2560x1600 on Fit-PC3?

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Your request has been forwarded to a Linux expert.

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Re: Can't get 2560x1600 on Fit-PC3?

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2560 x 1600 should work.
Please try to intall proprietry fglrx package:

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sudo apt-get install fglrx-driver
I'm not sure if you need to add some repository maybe

In any case you can try Linux Mint on temporary storage: ... ux_Mint_17
Compulab's Linux support

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