Mintbox BOIS problem

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Mintbox BOIS problem

Post by dgrb00 »

I have a 2-year old mintbox which I have just had to resite in the basement.

Alas, it will not reboot (some obscure linux problem which I can't currently fix) so I thought I'd reinstall, as the current install is old.

Herein the problem: I cannot get into the BIOS setup in order to boot from USB.

I've tried holding F2 while powering on and it simply doesn't work.

One thing: for reasons I can no longer remember I disabled the BOIS splash screen and I'm wondering if this has any connection.

Meanwhile I'm hooped. Has anyone any suggestions before I try opening the box up and disconnecting the hard drive....?


Re: Mintbox BOIS problem

Post by mbirger »

First please follow basic troubleshooting: ... leshooting

To enter BIOS you have to click fast on F2, not hold it down.
In the BIOS you can enable the splashscreen.

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