OpenCL very slow

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OpenCL very slow

Post by adrianr »

I am using OpenCL on the GPU of a fitpc3 pro running Ubuntu 12.04 64bit for some real time data processing.

Unfortunately, I am having issues with the launch time for my OpenCL kernels (the time between a kernel being added by the CPU onto the OpenCL queue and the kernel sstarting to be executed on the GPU). I have attached a sample OpenCL program to this post that prints out average launch times for some test kernels.

On other machines I own, launch time are around 0.1ms time, yet on the fit3, they are between 8 -23ms. this large delays prevents to fit3 being used for any real time purposes. I have been posting on the AMD forums (see post: and it seems that it could be a problem with the amd drivers/GPU chip or some hardware configuration.

As the fitpc3s are advertised as supporting OpenCL - is there anything specifically in the fitpc hardware design or bios settings that could possibly cause this issue?
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Re: OpenCL very slow

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fit-PC3 should reflect the OpenCL capabilities of the incorporated APU. System builders have very little influence on OpenCL performance. I am not familiar with a BIOS setting that affects OpenCL execution latency.
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