External RAID on Fit3PC

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External RAID on Fit3PC

Post by eapperley »

We have purchased a Fit3PC to implement a low-power file and print server for a smaller energy-conscious business. We are using Linux MINT as the operating system and have installed a solid state disks inside the units as the System Disk.

To ensure the integrity of the Client's data we wish to mirror SATA data drives which will need to be in external enclosures.


1) Have you tested disk mirroring with Linux MINT 12 or 13 on the Fit3PC?

2) Was this with external drives using either the USB3 or eSATA external ports on the fit3PC under Linux Mint?

3) What drive enclosures can you recommend and what connection method (USB3 or eSATA)? There's a number of contenders on the market and we want to ensure we use a brand that is robust and has good reliability and support.

Your thoughts/guidance would be appreciated.

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Re: External RAID on Fit3PC

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1. No, we haven't tested such configuration yet.
2. For data storage devices, eSATA connection preferred if available.
Gabriel Heifets

Fit-PC2/3/IntensePC support.

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