Mystery of the fit-pc3 and "overclocking"

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Mystery of the fit-pc3 and "overclocking"

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This comes under the heading of "experimenting" with the base fit-pc3 sold in North America. I took out one of the pieces of ram and used it to replace a piece of ram on a HP laptop with an AMD E-300 cpu that uses older, but electrically compatible, ram. Starting up on Linux, the kernel gave all kinds of error messages about the memory, but otherwise behaved as usual. So, I thought, what if Windows 8 gives the "overclocking" behavior because of the ram? And, it turns out that observing cpu performance under Windows 8 has the cpu speed varying between 0.86 and 1.26 ghz, with the AMD E-300 listed as a 1.3 ghz dual cpu.

In other words, the "thurion" dual cpu of the fit-pc3 is treated by Windows 8 as an AMD E-300 with no overclocking. So, I probably won't get an answer to this, but it looks to me as though the fit-pc3 is an underclocked AMD E-300, and Windows 8 overlooks this.

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Re: Mystery of the fit-pc3 and "overclocking"

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If you were using the fit-PC3 Basic model, the APU is AMD G-series T40N rated at dual-core 1GHz 9W. G-series is the embedded derivative of the E & C-series. It is not really a Turion. Like all modern CPUs it implements DVFS thus CPU frequecy dynamically responds to load. See ... -mobile.29
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