Recompiling kernel

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Recompiling kernel

Post by jes »

I've just received my fitpc3 which came with Linux Mint Lisa (release 12, kernel 3.0.0-12-generic). Beyond fetching the kernel source, are there other tools I will need if I decide to build a new kernel (my experience to date has been with Gentoo and, in the distant past, redhat and debian).

Are the kernel build instructions for Ubuntu applicable to Linux Mint?

Are there kernel patches needed for this PC's hardware?

My primary reason for asking at the moment is some rather strange behaviour from the Realtek wlan. I may need or want to rebuild that kernel module

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Re: Recompiling kernel

Post by Denis »

1. Linux Mint uses Ubuntu`s kernel, so build instructions are compatible.
2. The only patch needed if you use Realtek 8723 PCIe wifi adapter. There is no proper support for it in mainline kernel yet. We will publish the patch on our wiki shortly.
3. Before recompiling try to upgrade or make fresh install of new Linux Mint 13 MATE
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