fit-PC or fitlet with RISC-V64GC processor?

Dual Ethernet, 5.1 Audio, Standard HDMI... post here everything fit-PC2 does not have and you wish it had. We listen.
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fit-PC or fitlet with RISC-V64GC processor?

Post by Arwen »

You guys already have most of what is needed for a computer with an Open Sourced CPU.

At present, no one else makes a desktop RISC-V computer. There is one that can be turned into a desktop computer, but it's clumsy and costly. At present, everything else is for IoT or other embedded uses. (Like what nVidia and Western Data are doing.)

Without a usable desktop, (or small server), RISC-V software development for kernel and support hardware is going slowly.

If you make it was the same I/O as say a fit-PC4, that would allow the new computer to be quite usable. Perhaps not fine tuned as existing, (and not as fast).

So what do you think?
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Re: fit-PC or fitlet with RISC-V64GC processor?

Post by tamir »

Thank you for your suggestion.

Compulab also has an embedded product line, with RISC CPUbased systems.
Products such as the IoT gateways:

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Re: fit-PC or fitlet with RISC-V64GC processor?

Post by derek »

This wish list item was asking for not just any RISC architecture CPU (like MIPS or ARM) but specifically for the CPU architecture known, perhaps confusingly, as "RISC-V".

Of the three products in your link, two of them are apparently ARM-based (so RISC, yes, but not RISC-V) and one of them is apparently Intel (so presumably CISC, i.e. not RISC at all, but the wish list wasn't highlighting RISC v. CISC but RISC-V v. everything else).

The key difference is in the openness philosophy and, at a more practical level, the licensing arrangements.

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