Dual Ethernet, 5.1 Audio, Standard HDMI... post here everything fit-PC2 does not have and you wish it had. We listen.
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Quad Core i7 6xxx series. With Win7 drivers. Win10 can not be used (Microsoft to blame for that. I like privacy and control). I'm switching to Ubuntu 16.04.

The next IPC3 needs USB3(x2), USB(x1), SD Card reader Face.

Displayport 1.2, HDMI 2.0, USB 3.0(x2) USB 3.1, LAN.

802.11ac Wireless 2T2R that's 100% Linux complaint.

UEFI Bios. Want UDK 2016 if possible with BLUETOOTH so device can be paired HCI at the SHELL/UEFI level. Really need this for the Living room and Bedroom. This should work with the Radio too.

Would the MSATA to go to nvme 2280 + the 2.5" SSD Hard drive support.

Of course FIT-PC & Compu Lab does not have to tell us about the up coming products. But by the same factor, customers then have no reason to wait on FIT-PC or CompuLab. Even now, I'm looking at the Asus VC-65, and VC-65R. I spend my money on vendors that have product out. If I wait only if I have info. And of course, I don't buy again for a few years on the next upgrade. The Air Top is quite nice. But it not the PC's to place under my TV or next to it. Maybe my Desk. The IPC3 is way over due in my view.

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