The need for Intel dual nics

Dual Ethernet, 5.1 Audio, Standard HDMI... post here everything fit-PC2 does not have and you wish it had. We listen.
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The need for Intel dual nics

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I would of sold 10 of your boxes (MintBox 2) by now if you would of had dual Intel gigabit nics. People would be buying these for pfSense, Untangle, Astaro/Sophos UTM, and Vyatta and the others I forgot of Linux firewalls and UTMs. Well worth adding 1 more Intel nic to the one that is "on chip"

What another $10 to do it right with Intel. Or go Broadcom, that works ok with Linux firewalls. RealTek is junk . Going with Realtek to save money is an illogical business decision and you are leaving many many sales on the table for saving $10. It is sad to see such nice hardware be totally useless and unusable for a sector of computing for just a lack of using more quality designed part. Just pass the $10 on through and have "good " specs through out your hardware.

When you spend the time to have dual nics and you pick out RealTek to fill the 2nd nics void. Anyone who would care about the specs, gets a great let down when they see the 2nd nic is a junk RealTek. What a shame!



Re: The need for Intel dual nics

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Well noted.
Thanks for the feedback.

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