Two possible future product lines

Dual Ethernet, 5.1 Audio, Standard HDMI... post here everything fit-PC2 does not have and you wish it had. We listen.
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Two possible future product lines

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After reading some of the posts in the wish list group I have a feeling that it might be time to have two separate product lines in the future.

The first line aims for the home server product w/ following feature:

1. two eSATA ports
2. two ethernet interfaces
3. keep four USB ports and IR
4. VGA D-SUB instead of hdmi
5. offer power state selection after power outage in BIOS/circuit support
6. 1gb memory is fine
7. wifi w/ master/AP mode.
8. audio in/out, microUSB, miniSD are not required, they take too much panel space.
The goal for this line is for file/printer sharing(ex. samba/cups server), networking(ex. router, firewall), or resource/automation server

The second line is targeting the smallest HTPC:
Add all the bells and whistles(more CPU power, memory, with hi-def stuff ex. hardware enc/dec, HDTV tuner, 802.11n wifi) and see if it can still be fanless.
Basically I really don't care about HTPC that much since there are too much to ask and the limitation is great(ex. size of the box, power consumption, and heat issue).

I am currently using modified linksys nslu2(266MIPS ARM w/ 32mb memory) for downloading/automation/720p video streaming/file and printer sharing server w/o problems so I believe the fit-pc2 I ordered recently will be more than enough for my needs.

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